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Vetwebsites is the top provider in South Africa that offers domain name registration services for the veterinary industry.

Our domain name registration service also enables you to host your website with us, and makes it convenient for you to have all your web documents in one place.

So what exactly is a domain name? 

A domain name is the address where your website would be found on the internet. It's where people can find you, and it serves as your online identity (the unique name that identifies an Internet site). For example, the domain name of this web site is "". Businesses typically register domain names with their company name. Individuals often register family names or names that have a personal interest to them.

Points to consider:

Hyphens are easier to read in print, are easier to 'understand' by the search engines (remember that a key linking strategy is to have text links contain your targeted keywords. If your domain name is legible to search engines and it is used to link to your site, you score some points since your keywords are already contained in your domain name), and gives you more choice. The negatives about hyphens is that they are difficult for people to hear! You will probably have difficulty in spelling out your domain name over the phone or in conversation when it contains hyphens. If you can therefore, register your domain name both WITH, and WITHOUT the hyphens. You would be wise to do this in any case in order to protect all versions of your domain name. If you do not register the domain name yourself that you are not planning on using directly, someone else might just do it and use a slightly different version of your domain name.

The other important decision to make is whether to register a .com or a Our advice on this is to register a .com if you are primarily going to focus on marketing your products and services internationally and to register a if you are primarily going to market locally. Please note that lots of search engines (for example Google and MSN) nowadays offer the facility to search locally (e.g. 'Pages from South Africa'). Most veterinary businesses will use their internet site to market locally and hence you should definitely register your domain name with a “” extension, rather than a “.com” since a “” is more likely to show up in local search results rather than a domain name with a “.com” extension.

Domain name registration services and Hosting at Vetwebsites

After securing a domain name it is possible to host your website with Vetwebsites on reliable mirrored servers. At Vetwebsites, domain name registration goes hand in hand with excellent web hosting services (amongst a range of other services that we can provide for your website)  

How do I choose a domain name?

Domain name registration is probably one of the most important things that you will do when creating a website for your veterinary practice or vet shop. A domain name is the one thing that will identify your website - it is like a brand name. Once you have registered it and have used it for a couple of months it is extremely difficult to change it to something else. So think well before you register your domain - it is a decision that you will have to live with for a while - if not forever!

Your domain name should reflect what your site or your business is about. It should be descriptive and easy to remember and refer clients to your site. Most veterinary practices have a distinctive name which is usually well known among their clients. We recommend that it might be best to take the name of the city, town, suburb or street you veterinary practice, clinic or hospital is situated in and attach the word vet to it. This provides an easy to remember, yet relevant name for you to register. For example, it will be better for a veterinary practice in Linden, Johannesburg to register as opposed to It will be easy to tell a client over the phone or in the consult room that your website address is rather than to get them to remember or know how to spell the word veterinary

You can register your domain name by using your best niche keyword (which in most cases will be your practice name or vet shop name) and you will also score a few points in trying to get your site high up in the search engine rankings. It will also be the logical choice for your clients when they go onto the internet to look for your practice and it will reinforce your business’s branding.


Registering a domain name for future use

If you're not quite ready to start building a website, you can just register and hold the domain name to ensure that you can use it in the future. In such cases Vetwebsites can provide you with a placeholder page telling visitors that the site is 'under construction.' Whatever your situation, if there's a particular domain name that you want, it's good to register it quickly. There's no guarantee that a domain name available today will be available tomorrow. Domain names have two parts: the label and the extension. There are many domain name extensions to choose from and this can sometimes cause confusion. Common domain name extensions include:

.biz .cc .co .com
.company .computer .directory .email .equipment
.gallery .graphics .info .management .me
.mobi .net .org .photography
.support .solutions .systems .technology .tips

Some of the new domains have been highlighted in orange.

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