Order Process

The VetWeb system has been built to maintain current processes and logistics as far as veterinary retailers placing their orders with their respective wholesalers. Wholesalers therefore receive orders for products purchased from vet’s websites at the same time as what they would receive the normal daily order of these practices/retail outlets

The process works as follows:

• The veterinarian’s client goes online onto the practice/vet shop website and picks his/her products and pays for them. This client is informed in advance that the practice does not stock products which are displayed on the website and that only once the product has been purchased online, does it get ordered from the wholesaler.

• Once a day the person who is responsible for placing orders goes into VetWeb with his/her designated username and password and prints out the orders (designated by wholesaler) of products which were ordered and paid for online by the practice/vet shop clients.



• The practice/vet shop then faxes this order through to the wholesaler at the same time as placing their usual order ie the wholesaler receives two orders from the same establishment at the same time.

• The wholesaler then delivers this product as per its usual lead times to the practice from where the vet’s client can then pick up the product or have it delivered to their destination of choice.


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