What Is VetDirectory?

VetDirectory is a comprehensive electronic and printed database for the veterinary industry in South Africa. With an increasing number of vets realising the need to keep up with technological trends, more and more of them are incorporating the internet in their practices, using broadband (high speed internet connections) in particular. This is the future of communication, and progressive veterinary practices are now starting to adopt this tool.

VetDirectory was the first electronic vet guide and directory in South Africa which allowed listed businesses in the veterinary industry to edit and update their own content and information on an ongoing basis. This places the power of control firmly where it belongs … in the hands of the listed business.

VetDirectory harnesses the power of the Internet and IP-based convergence and has designed a state-of-the-art platform that utilises fixed and wireless access technologies like 3G, HSDPA, WiMax, Microwave, ADSL, Leased Lines and Fibre to access information on the veterinary channel fast – first time! 

Our clients can rest assured that we’ll keep on developing best of breed solutions when it comes to addressing and managing ever-changing information and technological requirements when it comes to web-based communication for vets. We aim for instant results with maximum exposure. We understand vets and their requirements. More so, we understand the veterinary industry and the difficulty in grabbing and retaining the attention of vets. The importance of having all the necessary information required to operate in a specialized niche, at your fingertips in one place, has never been more valuable than now. VetDirectory was the first electronic database of its kind in South Africa and and is now also the first to publish a physical dedicated directory for the veterinary industry. We will strive to always be the first when it comes to service to the veterinary profession and the veterinary industry at large.

Veterinary Practices and Vet Shops who have their websites developed and builty by Vetwebsites, get a free listing on www.vetdirectory.co.za which automatically increases search engine optimistation and rankings for such sites.

View our website for more information:  www.vetdirectory.co.za